Jessica Beckman

Licenced Clinical Mental Health Counselor
Licenced Clinical Addictions Specialist

Discuss a wide variety of topics from relationship issues to concerns with self-esteem and general anxiety

Sometimes problems between couples are best discussed together. In couples counseling, we can walk through communication and barriers to a healthy relationship. 

Addiction is not a road that is easily walked alone. We can work together to set goals for relapse prevention while seeking out the root of the addiction. 

Sometimes our busy schedule makes it hard to come into an office for therapy. With Teletherapy, we can have secure, HIPAA approved video chats.

My Approach

I consider myself eclectic in my therapeutic approach and do my best to individualize the therapy experience based on the individual needs. I draw from a variety of techniques and theoretical approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, reality therapy, and rational emotive behavior therapy.

About me

I enjoy working with a variety of client needs ranging from relationship issues and self-esteem issues to addiction and chronic mental health issues. I will work with you to identify and develop the counseling goals specific to your needs.

Getting Help

Reaching out for help can be the hardest part of your walk to a better you. I want to ease your burden and walk alongside you as we discuss not just what is on your mind, but exercises and goals to help unlock your potential and look at yourself in a new light. 




Self Esteem






People who wade into discomfort and vulnerability and tell the truth about their stories are the real badasses.

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